personal styling

Erica offers wardrobe consulting to personal clients. She customizes each job based on the needs of the client. One person might need a whole wardrobe reboot--complete with image consulting, closet overhaul, personal shopping and outfit styling sesssions. Another client who works with Erica on a regular basis may just need accessory options for a formal dress. 

People often hire a consulant when in some form of transition or when there is a “cost” involved (their image and style is playing a key role in the achievement of their particular goals).  Sometimes clients' goals are focused on their professional image-they might be interviewing for a new job, have speaking engagements or simply want to look more polished at work. Other clients hire a wardrobe consultant for more personal reasons-they may have recently started to date again post-breakup or have lost or gained weight and want to update their image and learn how to dress for their body type.

Erica works with both men and women and works within a variety of clients' budgets. She loves a deal and specializes in mixing "high and low" pieces.  


Closet Overhaul: 

This service is always tailored to your specific needs. The services Erica provides include:

*Helping to find your personal style

*Weeding the clothes in your closet by deciding what to keep and what to donate

*Organizing your closet for optimum functionality

*Styling outfit options using the clothing and accessories you already own

*Creating a guide of which items are "missing" from your wardrobe and providing details of where you can purchase them

How to prepare for your appointment:

*Organize your closet by like items (shirts with shirts, etc.)

*Review fashion magazines and catalogs for pictures of what you like. Pinterest is a great tool for gathering images to show Erica

*Pull out any “Lone Rangers” - (ie, pieces of clothes you never wear because you don’t have anything to go with it)

*Fill out Erica's questionnaire so she can prepare looks ahead of time

Shopping with Erica: 

Erica will choose stores that fit your style and budget and will teach you what styles, colors and cuts work best for you. 


All services are $40/hour with Erica.