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  • Festival Style at Any Age: Your 40s

    lf your 20s are about trends and comfort and your 30s are about full-on glamour, your 40s are about working your indivduality and showing the youngsters how it's done. After all, we have it all figured out by now. Don't we? 

    I technically have exactly 6 more months in my 30s, but I seemed like the obvious choice. I am the writer of this blog, after all! For showing up at festivals, I wear body-conscious pieces (mostly in dress form) that make a big impact while looking like I didn't try too hard or spend too much time worrying about what anyone else might be wearing. 

    Below, I'm wearing a graphic dress with awesome little shoulderpads (sounds weird but it's cool, I swear!) from MINKPINK. Since I don't have a tan yet, I paired it with brown fringe Lucky Brand boots-black just looks a little too harsh on these pasty stems. The geometric silver chocker is from Nordstrom Rack and the beaded earrings I got in Vietnam for around 20 cents. 

    I plan on wearing crop tops and bikinis for at least the next 15 years (#croptopsforlife). My stomach just wants to be seen-what can you do? The outfit below would be an evening look for me. The lace crop top is from Zara and crocheted yellow shorts are from Forever 21. The bracelets and rings are all everyday accessories. All of the bracelets came from either my mom or my travels: Africa, India, Nepal and Vietnam. The long, black-stoned ring is from Old Navy (I know, right?), the red-stoned ring is from Topshop and the gold ring is from H&M

    1. Ruffled Dress

    2. Striped Shorts

    3. Ruffled Top

    4. Ring

    5. Boots