personal styling

Erica offers personal styling services in the Austin area. One person might need a whole wardrobe reboot--complete with image consulting, closet overhaul, personal shopping and outfit styling sesssions. Another client may just need dress and accessory options for an event. 

Some clients focus on their professional image while other clients hire a personal stylist to help create a more stylish casual wardrobe. Erica works with both men and women and works within a variety of clients' budgets. She loves a deal and specializes in mixing "high and low" pieces.  


Closet Overhaul: 

This service starts with a consultation to help identify a client's personal style. Erica will then help organize a client's closet through weeding pieces that don't work and teaching how to style outfits from the clothes that remain. She will create a style guide to identify the pieces that are still needed to complete their wardrobe.

Shopping with Erica: 

Erica will choose stores that fit your style and budget and will teach you what styles, colors and cuts work best for you. 


All personal shopping services are $40/hour with Erica.